• Web site html5 cinemagraph for Laborandco.
HTML5 & Cinemagraph for the new LaborandCo. Web Site

A new emotional experience

Interact has designed a new Responsive Website in HTML5 for LaborandCo. to present the new collection of jewels dedicated to young people. This is an emotional Website that exploits to the full the great technical and communicative potentialities of HTML5 and Cinemagraph.


LaborandCo. is a new company employing young designers who have launched a line that reflects the innovative Made in Italy style. LaborandoCo needed to launch a new website to convey the target towards a young line focused on offering an emotional experience able to engage users. This new site is based on websurfing where unconventional contents aspiring at associating a real and proper life experience to their jewels are offered.

Designing an HTML5 website

In designing this website, Interact has used an evolved untool for programming in HTML5 that enables designing site navigation in an unconventional manner through the use of multimedia elements such as images, videos and animations. To make the site more appealing and convey great emotion, the website has been enhanced with different Cinemagraphs.

The Art of the Cinemagraph is based on a digital image in which a repeated movement often occurs, as a consequence the viewer is given the illusion of watching a video coming to life permitting a moment to be experienced then caught forever.

The Website in HTML5 was designed so that it is compatible with all desktop and mobile devices according to the new Responsive design logics. Interact, working in close cooperation with the purchaser, has structured the communication project focusing on specific points as follows:

  • Developing the creative concept and relative design strategy;
  • Defining the communication idea and UX declination;
  • Defining interaction modalities;
  • Designing and developing the site layout;
  • Designing the graphic interface with all its main components;
  • Designing and developing and eventual HTML5 animations.

The home page offers a black background that emphasizes the brand and displays an interactive text "START EXPERIENCE" accompanied by music in the background. The second level of navigation starts off an emotional journey, a perfect combination of two ways of experiencing LaborandCo collections, associated to the style of those wearing it. You may choose to start the journey/navigation from the following five sections:


Each single section represents a life style but above all the real emotional value that a jewel may have in a particular situation, in a precise moment; all of which is described in simple phrases. The focus on the situations performed by Cinemagraph was chosen to offer each section the energy and effect that are the closest to them.


The result is a website in HTML5 that offers a completely revolutionary user experience that transports the user along a journey of emotions and personal experiences where each jewel plays a special role associated to a specific mood or context.

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