Camera Critica – A Digital Signage application for the Mother Museum

An interactive Digital Signage System

Interact, in collaboration with the CoopCulture, has implemented for the Mother Museum of a Critical Room for Naples, an innovative interactive Digital Signage system able to deliver videos directly to visitors.


The Mother Museum has shortly changed the Direction of its Art Department that has decided to redefine its identity by proposing a new logo, new exhibitions and a new manner of communication with the public.

The basic idea was to create a new way of connecting the community with the Museum using an idea for interaction and expression. The purpose was to give end-users the availability of voicing their opinions regarding the Mother Museum as participants as players in the guise of critical visitors thus enhancing the bond between the Mother Museum and the city of Naples as well as throughout the entire region. A small area equipped with a video camera and microphone were provided for visitors to come in and record their own comments, ideas, proposals, projects, prototypes and suppositions for the Mother Museum.

A space was provided for discussions available for all visitors to the Museum to gather their thoughts about the "Museum they would like", projected onto screens located in positions in Naples and the Campania region.


Interact was entrusted by the Camera Critica CoopCulture as their partner. To implement the Digital Signage system, Interact installed and configured a touch screen display equipped with a telecamera inside the Critical Room area via which users are able to record their interventions and share them with others.

The recorded videos are then delivered to the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system which enables them to be indexed and checked that the contents comply with broadcasting policies. Once the videos are approved they become available and broadcasted onto the various installed video stations.

These spaces have been transformed into places, where people passed and connected to favour a physical and virtual access to the Mother Museum, equipped with Wi-Fi, tools and services so that people may meet, express their ideas, exchange views, send blogs, carry our research and get to know each other. The Mother Museum is now more than a museum offering theatre, public gatherings, interactive screens, chances to act during meetings between cultural and social spheres, a means for culture to become a public asset.

Results achieved

The Critical Room met with great success and received considerable enthusiasm from a large number of Neapolitan artists who produced a video with their interviews. The various videos regarding the initiative were also loaded onto the YouTube channel thus generating a buzz on the network. Various stations in different locations have been activated for viewing the recorded videos as follows:

  1. Museo Madre, Napoli (via Settembrini 79)
  2. Stazione Centrale, Napoli (presso Ufficio Turistico EPT Napoli)
  3. Caserta, al Centro Commerciale Campania
  4. Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte.
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