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Storytelling and Motiongraphics – the new form of emotional communication

Interact SpA together with Bonato Milano1960 broadcasted onto Internet the new concept of emotional communication 3.0. This pioneering choice is based on avant-garde digital technology (HTML5) to express with simplicity, originality and in-depth all the culture, energy and power that lies behind the Bonato Milano 1960 Jewel Design.


Bonato Milano 1960 which over the decades has offered the world its endless creativity, sharing with the planet the art of antique Italian craftsmanship, presented at Baselworld 2013 the "Logo" collection: a visionary talent with a skill of workmanship expressed in the form of ultra-modern rings.

Apart from traditional communications, among which we recall the optimal advertising page appearing on Vanity Fair, Bonato Milano 1960 decided to entrust Internet the role of the new communication media and unconventional creativity expression. The open-minded use of new digital technologies has to favour the birth of new communication formats, able to create close meeting points between collections, history, values and emotions that are encompassed in the design of the jewels offered.

The purchaser had expressed the specific desire of accompanying users along a path of emotions through various forms of artistic and cultural expressions, consequently offering in an innovative ambience a selection of photographs, videos and music of public property which taken as a whole recalls, like a déjà-vu, the emotional experiences of the last decades, without in this way forcing users to interact pointlessly but offering the possibility of interacting and analyzing the contents of particular interest.


Interact faced this experience providing their own creativity and full awareness of the use of new technologies in the field of digital communication, thus creating a pioneering project that encompasses the characteristics of Digital Art, with all the advantages offered by the network and adjusting them to the operational, technological specifications determined by Internet, by the various browsers, terminals and operating systems.

The choice made was immediately focused on finding a solution having at the same time the capacity of narrating (Storytelling) and representing (Motion Graphics), therefore selecting the HTML5 as the best operating tool for developing the project. In the first place the project team focused on creating the story, starting from the new Bonato Milano 1960 photographic campaign developed for Baselworld 2013 then followed by an attempt to discover a flowing, surprising path.

Thanks to this synergy of communication and technological channels, the idea arose of a web advertisement - a new tool that had the appearance of a web site and which could be appreciated as an interactive video. In fact, today, if you access the address and simply start up the SoundCloud embedded music, you are able to experience a new mode of web surfing and at the same time enjoy the experience of a cultural message both all-embracing and innovative in which images, videos and texts follow each other and come together as though you are looking at a trailer of a life lived with style and elegance! The solution developed with HTML5 technology 5, offers responsive design, multiplatform and multi screen and is compatible with all the most popular devices (tablets and smartphones) and all the major state-of-the art navigation browsers.

HTML5 technology enriches and simplifies the integration and reproduction of multimedia contents, in our case opening the way to the expertise and availabilities offered by social media (sharing and embedding). This new communication Concept offers the availability of using a highly customizable media, both flexible and scalable; thanks to the modular logic with which it was designed as well as its ability to use new generation digital tools


Using Storytelling and Motion Graphics with the support of a qualified staff and the new HTML5 technology has made it possible to develop a solution without equal, a milestone in the communications field that places Bonato Milano 1960 in a position of leadership as a designer and a producer of jewels as well as an editor and communicator via new media.

The identity of Italian industry, in the style and fashion sectors has thus been well placed on the international marketplace of innovation and creativity.

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