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The VideoAssembly for the Bergamo Province

The live streaming broadcast for the Council Sessions

Interact created the VideoAssembly for the Province of Bergamo for live and on demand video streaming of the Council sessions.


The Province of Bergamo needed to create the video streaming of the Council sessions, manage them, organize them and render them available on Web in live and on demand modality via a graphic interface.


Interact SpA put forward their intention of integrating the VideoAssembly platform with the previous video system of the Bergamo Province Council Hall through the use of the Niagara 2100 encoder to deliver the signal to the server. The server in turn delivers it again onto the VideoAssembly platform via IP thus enabling the user/citizen to follow all the activities performed by the Provincial Council live.

The video in live streaming mode of the Council sessions can be indexed simultaneously with the live transmission, in this way enabling visualization organized on the basis of an agenda with the opening and closing of the various interventions, the name of each speaker participating and all the activities to be particularly emphasized like a bookmark for those watching the live transmission or those wishing to choose the on-demand modality.

Results achieved

The Province of Bergamo has been using the VideoAssembly solution since 2006 thanks to the collaboration and ongoing support provided by the Internet technicians. This solution further enables customizing the graphic layout according to the user side web interface they have accessed:

  • the player
  • the list of the indexed events
  • the list of the past events file by date and title
  • subtitles in Italian

The VideoAssembly offers full transparency of the Council activities and complies with the requirements stated in the Stanca law.

Consult the Videoassembly of the Province of Bergamo for the Council streaming sessions.

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