• RIA for Wind
Fatal Breakdown - Rich Internet Application for Wind

The RIA enables users to become small screen heroes

Interact has developed a Rich Internet Application (RIA) to launch the new Viral Marketing


To launch the new promotional campaign in collaboration with the Rim Blackberry, Wind decided to create a viral video. It involves a trailer that takes us to the year 2014 where the star performer has to prevail over thousands of challenges to save the world from a catastrophe through the use of a telephone. The peculiarity of the video is that the user becomes the protagonist by entering his or her own image.

The Individual Trailer or the User Generated Movies is the rage at the moment because it gives the user the opportunity to be projected directly onto the small screen.


Interact has been chosen to create the Rich Internet Application. The RIA was made in flash modality by creating a user-friendly graphic interface so that only very few steps were required to load the image and launch the trailer.

The application provided the availability of modeling the image to be later integrated into the main video. Using the blue screen was also envisaged in the integration.

Results obtained

During the first two weeks of the launch, there was a good participation by the web surfers with over 100,000 accesses and a large number of shares on Facebook.

Furthermore, the video viral load made it possible for a large number of videos, with protagonists representing public figures and faces from the large screen, to be loaded onto YouTube.

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