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The new CNEL Website

The portal of the Consiglio Nazionale Economia e Lavoro (National Council of Economy and Labour)

The Consiglio Nazionale dell'Economia e Lavoro (CNEL) is an advisory body of major constitutional importance responsible for economic and social lawmaking and has the right to further lawmaking initiatives, limited to the area of its own authority. The CNEL has charged Interact to create a new Website with a new graphic appearance in order to offer greater participation and visibility of its contents and its activities to web users.

CNEL requirements

CNEL needed to renew the profile of the Body and its activaties on the Web, offering a new structure reorganized to render it more systematic focused on offering an enhanced user experience and enabling end-users to consult the immense traffic of data on the portal more easily.


The CMS Xmanager was used to create the new CNEL Website. It is a highly flexible Content Management Systems capable of managing various types of multimedia contents and able to centralize and connect data arriving from different types of databases. The CMS has made it possible to rapidly create a new content indexing based on the relations between data on several levels (via which category they belong to, tags used etc.).

Results achieved

The CNEL Website appears completely renewed in its structure and architecture of the information, offering a more flowing search of the contents it is interested in as well as providing easy access to the documentation produced by the Body. The Website further offers new state-of-the-art search tools so that users are able to navigate following multiple paths to locate contents easily and clearly even related to specific thematic areas. The site further offers 6 areas dedicated to communication with a specific area for downloading documents.

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