• Enel Social Energy - Game
Enel Social Energy

A social game to gauge your social energy!

Interact has created for Enel an interactive badge to gauge your social energy and put you into touch with your friends.

It launched the application from the enel site otherwise directly from the Facebook page and registered using the data from your account.


Extending the Enel brand onto Social Media and launching an experimental phase on Facebook thus empowering a relationship with user communities.


The implementation of a simple focused social game that is able to exploit Facebook's viral power in promoting the Enel brand and create a new form of user aggregation.


A social game has been created inside the site that exploits the Facebook's APL to interface the existing Facebook web surfers.

As an extension to the concept of a digital counter (already well-known and digested by the majority of the public ) to the social media world a social counter has been developed that uses both friendships and interact in the place of electric power.

The application calculates the social ratings by analyzing the activities of Facebook users and enables both the display of the results of the Enel site as well as broadcasting it on the Facebook wall.

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