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For the European Parliament

Because of our collaboration with the Eurel International Group, we of interact became involved in the Updating Project of the Electronic Voting Systems located in the Hemicycles of the European Parliament. The Electronic Voting Systems located in the European Parliament operate in highly protected environments which require a high level of synchronization between the operators who manage the voting streams (comprising the details of the subjects to be voted for) and the activities in the hemicycles that advance at an extremely high speed dealing with discussions and the voting related to all the articles or amendments to be decided upon.

interact's goal was to create a technological bridge between the voting systems and the information systems of the European Parliament and the users. The fundamental necessity of the solution is to guarantee the safety of the voting systems, the security of the data and their prompt updating.

interact created two functional Gateways, one preset for communication and the transit of information from and to the voting system, the other preset for sending information related to voting via a European Parliament Video Circuit. The first circuit is based on Java technology and uses a Message Queue system based on the RedHat JBoss platform. It interacts directly with the voting system and the information system of the Parliament and captures information between the two systems with the maximal transparency and reliability.

The second Gateway, based on Microsoft.Net and AdobeFlash technology receives the information related to voting and includes them in specific layouts and broadcasts them in a video format via different Video outputs (SDI - DVI - VGA -Y/C).

Results achieved
The system created by interact was immediately put into production and is still currently being used by the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg, providing its service at each Assembly meeting.

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