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System Integration

Web Service and consultancy for system integration

Interact offers consultancy and support for activities related to system integration and designing, development and integration of Web Services for the purpose of supporting Companies and Public Administrations in designing and implementing complex architectures that integrate various hardware and software systems consequently rendering the different IT processes and technologies interoperable and interconnectable with each other.

Interact integrates professional skill in the field of web development and content management with their expertise regarding the system integrator focused on creating high performance, interoperable solutions aimed at enhancing and rationalizing all the IT processes.

Interact is the strategic partner for system integration activities supporting their customers in supplying services, analyzing feasibility, participating in tenders, offering application system guaranteeing IP platform safety and performance.

Via its Streamcast online store team, Interact further offers support and consultancy for reselling and integrating hardware and software for digital media.

Our main activities in offering web services and system integration follow:

  • Web app (interact kiosk, RIA, BPM) - Design, implementation and integration of web applications, rich internet applications and BPM to boost indoor and outdoor communication and enhance interaction with the numerous applications and company processes of the various users.
  • Media delivery and video streaming - Planning, design, installation, and configuration of the architecture for delivering digital audio/video contents, both live and on demand, in multichannel and integrated multiplatform mode. Interact integrates the software and hardware for the acquisition and encoding of the video and the software for the delivery media onto digital platforms in multiformat mode for desktops, mobile devices and web TV.
  • Cloud Computing Integration - Integration and installation of solutions on cloud computing in SAAS and PAAS modality, developing high performance systems based on scalable, redundant and secure infrastructures.
  • Web development and content management - Web services are helpful in boosting the digital identity by integrating different development systems for managing multimedia contents on web (CMS). Designing and implementing an integrating system for filing, cataloging (DAM) and delivering digital contents onto web in video delivery mode (webTV), file sharing or shopping process together with integration of application modules of e-commerce sites.
  • Video recording and indexing - Integration of hardware and software for the acquisition of videos, video recordings, video encoding and indexing of audio/video digital contents (videoassembly) acquired, also from sources that already exist with the availability of utilizing these contents in multichannel and in integrated multiplatform modality, both live and on demand.
  • Receiving and delivery onto IP (IPTV) - Integration of hardware and software for IPTV architecture of video delivery, with video streaming arriving from satellite and terrestrial sources (DVB S, DVB T and DVB C), on IP networks. Integration system activities envisage the use of encoders and decoders for delivering videos onto IP thus enabling their use via web applications (corporate tv) and IPTV (Set Top Box) hardware.

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