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Video Streaming & Live Webcasting

Broadcast your video content live and on-demand onto your PC and mobile devices

Interact Video Streaming and Live Webcasting services represent a reliable solution for broadcasting your video content onto PCs and mobile devices in live and on-demand mode. You can organize Web TV, Web radio, music, cultural and sporting events, conferences, business presentations, advertising campaigns, offering a scalable, efficient and secure delivery, causing no infrastructure, logistics or technology problems. You only need to focus on your content and public.

The benefits of our Video Streaming and Live Webcasting services follow:

  • A personalized video stream for broadcasting audio/ video ( live or on demand) onto a PC or mobile device with the choice of a display (Windows Media, Flash, RealMedia, H.264);
  • An optimized network for video delivery offering the best quality broadcasting;
  • The CDN support such as Akamai for innternational delivery;
  • Dedicated support and assistance;
  • Real-time statistics;
  • Additional services such as audio and video podcasting, interactive features (chat, slide presentations with synchronized text, images, DRM solutions for content protection).

Firm and reliable architecture
The video streaming service is designed to ensure maximum reliability, versatility and scalability. All streaming platforms are redundant and monitored 24 / 7. Our Server Farm is interconnected with Akamai, the leading content delivery network in the world.

Maximum flexibility
The distribution of multi-format (Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, MP3, Flash Video, 3gpp, mp4) allows you to reach all types of web users, ensuring access from mobile terminals.

Dedicated Helpdesk
The helpdesk service gives you access to a dedicated support and assistance service both by phone and via email during office hours.

Real-time reporting
Thanks to advanced reporting tools you can monitor the status of the streaming service in real time, the most popular content, the mean length of visits, the user peaks, the formats requested and many other parameters, customizable as well.

Additional services

  • Podcasting
    It enriches your services with the activation of streaming audio and video podcasts, with a full service including the production and postproduction of sound tracks and video production and hosting RSS feeds on our server farm
  • DRM
    It protects your content and offers the activation of pay-per-view and on-demand (e.g, rent, lease with option to extend, Sales), for Windows Media (Windows Media DRM ASP), and RealMedia formats, via a special plug-in.

Live Webcasting

Interact Live Webcasting service provides continuous recording of the live TV stream. The service allows you to manage Live Webcasting live events of any size and complexity, ranging from the preparation and organization of filming to delivery to the end user.

The Live Webcasting provides ongoing recording of the live TV stream based on the criteria defined by the user and the storage time at hourly intervals (every hour or end of time) of recorded clips. Content can be encoded using different codecs according to customer needs (Windows Media, RealMedia, MainConcept H.264).

Live Webcasting services offered by Interact enables:

  • Archiving broadcast content in digital format via codec Windows Media, RealMedia, MainConcept H.264;
  • Configuring Windows Application with encoding settings (file formats, codecs, bitrates, etc.);
  • Configuring the Web Interface Management folder;
  • Overlapping the recorded clips: by using Osprey SimulStream software you can overlap the end of a recording with the start of the next, thus avoiding any loss of content.

Time programming

Live Webcasting services offered by Interact allow you to schedule the recording time for broadcasting content, following the criteria defined by the user. The program is a single event defined by a start time and date, an end time and date and other parameters that vary according to the type of programming adopted. Each recording session is linked to a specific programming event.

The standard programming types provided by Interact Webcasting services comprise:

  • Simply Schedule - Single Programming
    The program is the single basic type of programming time. You can only set the start time and date end of recordings and is suitable, for example, for occasional TV shows.
  • Interval Schedule - Programming intervals
    This type of programming is adapted for broadcasting content on a regular basis. The start time and date end define the period in which the program is active, while the length of the recordings and their rotation is specified by parameters such as length (expressed in seconds, for example "3600" means that the registration will last a 'hours) and range (which defines the delay between the two recordings, such as "3600" means that the next recording will start after one hour from the previous one). The Interval programming is particularly suitable for monitoring. You can toggle the live footage recording by configurating two Interval schedules.
  • Week/day Schedule - Daily Schedule
    The daily schedule allows you to set the recording so that it is repeated on the days of the week selected.

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