Analytics and Web restyling

When we speak about a service that entails Web Analytics and web sites Restyling, we are offering an all-round perspective of the state of the site based on its technical characteristics, features, usability, interactivity, traffic, search engine ranking and Social Media visibility.

As a result of this analysis, the Web Site Restyling Service enhances the graphics of your site but, via the latest Web 2.0 oriented Web technologies, optimizes its features and interactivity by targeting first and foremost the end-user who must be at the centre of our attention where web navigability, usability and accessibility are concerned.

The Web Site Restyling Service further envisages supplying other web marketing services of integral optimization ranging from images to codes to ensure search engine Optimization (SEO).

The Interact Web Site Restyling Service is also able to transform a static old generation site into a new dynamic site offering a structure easy to update, tailor-made graphics, validated and accessible and with direct importing of external data-bases.

The following processes are involved when converting and web sites restyling :

  • Site Control
  • Page Rank Analysis
  • Graphics project presentation
  • Importing the pages
  • Graphics customization
  • W3C and CSS validation
  • Enhancing the structure
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Web Marketing Strategy

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