• E-Government for Public Administrations

E-Government for Public Administrations

For a more efficient, transparent Public Administration

Interact web agency offers customized solutions for Public Administrations to favour Open Gov and E-Democracy processes in compliance with the coming into force of the Legislative Decree no. 235/2010 in favour of Open Data.

E-government and E-democracy solutions enable empowering communications and render information transparent for the purpose of increasing the engagement and participation of:

  • End-users (citizens, companies, associations and other interested parties)
  • Public Administrations, Local Public Administrations and the Economic/Social Sector (schools, universities and health).

E-government and E-democracy solutions involve:

  • Building Websites for Public Administrations by designing Websites for delivering and empowering services to citizens and share clearly and transparently any information, data or event related to Public Administration as well as all activities of public interest. Building institutional websites envisages the use of the CMS Xmanager, developed in Open Source environment, in compliance with W3C standards and accessibility regulations.
  • Mobile Government is the new channel of the Public Administration for delivering services and distributing contents for mobile users at any time and in any place via mobile devices. InnGov is the Interact platform of Mobile Government developed ad hoc for designing, managing and delivering mobile services for PA, citizens and enterprises.
  • Online TV is an end-to-end platform for online video communication that enables importing, managing and easily delivering all types of content. The platform designed for the Banca d'Italia integrates video streaming, communication in real time and corporate TV within a complex multilevel environment. Online TV makes globalization possible of communication and offers targeting virtually unlimited audiences. Online TV offers major advantages as compared to customized program management and full control of contents (VOD); use of multimedia, interaction (two-way dialogue with the public) and cost-effective implementation. In virtue of the Law dated the 7th of June 2000, no. 150 regulates activities involving Public Administration information and communications, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale no. 136, dated the 13th of June 2000 the number grows of Public Institutions using tools such as Web TV both because they enable direct communication and compared to other media, their running and management costs are lower.
  • Video Assembly is an all-round solution for digital video recording and live and on-demand transmission of council sessions related to the Public Administration. This solution integrates technical functionalities such as data capturing, encoding and indexing via an innovative web interface for consulting digital contents online with the availability of accessing the audio/visual session archives - via intranet and internet - thus, enabling a total share of information from the local network and others, both for institutional as well as internal communications.
  • Digital Signage and online Municipal Notice Boards is the Digital Signage solution enables the distribution of contents and the delivery of services via screens, totems and interactive touch screens geographically located targeting customized, interactive communication thus expediting informative processes and contacts with operators. Digital Signage lends itself well to Public Administration as a multi-platform informative tool because it is able to communicate in real time the state of the public service available on screen, the consultation of all the information requested, the delivery of services punctual, specific communication using as needed images and simplified videos, cutting down waiting times and useless queues at counters. Digital Signage is indeed an optimal solution for Public Administration as an example of the attention towards citizens and the organization of a two-way, interactive dialogue. The PA through the service that it proposes to citizens uses these innovative technologies to communicate the level of the services offered. Waiting at counters is often considered by users as a means of judging the quality of a service by public bodies, hospitals, municipalities, transport enterprises and so on. In these situations, punctual, reliable information may contribute towards cutting down wait times and useless queues at the wrong counter via explanatory images and videos. Digital Signage further becomes an extension of the Online Municipal Notice Board according to Law 69/2009.
  • Business Process Management through the use of Workflow Management lets you define, optimize, assess and integrate processes for the purpose of making Public Administration activities efficient and efficacious, improving communications for each single Public Administration operator and maximizing investments.
  • Digital Asset Management is a solution for filing, cataloguing, managing and searching that can be personalized for resources and digital contents of the Public Administration, based on an IT infrastructure.
  • Social CRM -this service is mandatory to ensure greater efficiency, feedback and interaction with users to enable Public Administrations to always be at the service of the social, economic growth of the country and aid in the convergence between formal processes and informal exchanges. Social CRM is the central core for an open, proactive collaboration between the various Public Administration actors. Social CRM is fully able to provide a strategy of information sharing (Open Data), interaction, involvement, data transparency, analysis and optimization of offers. Social CRM helps you to administer and diversify through a better comprehension between citizens/enterprises/bodies and offer more effective personalized services despite where, when and how interactions with Administrations come from.

Solutions are modular and scalable. You can personalize your own solution on the basis of your specific goals.

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