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BonitaSoft - Business Process Management

BPM to optimize workflows

Interact offers the BonitaSoft solution for Business Process Management (BPM) to design, optimize, monitor and integrate Company processes for the purpose of creating a process to make your Company work well and efficiently.

The BonitaSoft solution for Business Process Management (PPM) combines three solutions in one: an innovative Studio for process modeling, a powerful BPM and Workflow Management engine and an intuitive inbox user interface.

BonitaSoft for BPM enables you to focus on and automate processes, quickly detecting its weak points and providing the possibility of optimizing interventions such as:

  • Optimizing communications by eliminating any form of indirect communications (paper, mail telephone) the single cases delivered to the right person can be analyzed during execution;
  • Empowering business quality by ensuring that each process is attended to by the correct players and following a block alert a punctual intervention is made;
  • Boosting business productivity so that actors may be fully aware of their commitments and consequently get organized to obtain the best daily results;
  • Real time monitoring facilitates setting-up your KPI, reports and dashboards to better supervise the efficiency of your business process;
  • Ongoing process optimization by defining different test processes to improve them thus obtaining solutions within a few minutes to optimize each single goal;
  • Cutting down times, boosting investments and profit.

BonitaSoft facilities for Business Process Management

  • Tools for creating Workflow Models enabling you to create models for business working processes via a graphic interface;
  • Tools for supporting implementation, that is: interfaces (API) and connecters to integrate BPM solutions in information systems;
  • Execution engine (workflow engine) in charge of instancing processes and storing contests and their statuses in a relational database;
  • Tools for assistance and reporting based on accurate, pertinent indicators to provide dashboards targeting rapid, accurate decisions. These are known as BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) aimed at providing notions of how to control the running of business processes.

BonitaSoft application is also available as Cloud Computing.

Features of the BonitaSoft solution for Business Process Management

workflow Workflow Modeling

Development Development

Execution Execution

Administration and monitoring Administration and Monitoring

Workflow Modeling

BonitaSoft enables the BPMN2 modeler to design your business workflows quickly and intuitively thanks to a palette that manages contents always available during every step of their creation. It is possible to create various application environments, save them, file them so that they may be shared on a central server, operate in real time and create simulations of processes via indicators such as cost, duration, resource consumption, calendars and identified malfunctioning, optimal managerial capacity and efficient, dynamic distribution of tasks to all users via predefined filters and roles.

BonitaSoft aids users throughout their planning by the showing errors and warnings when steps are not configured correctly or when certain data are lost. It is possible to export processes in different formats: pdf, jpeg, png, bmp, gif and svg. The supported import modules are BPMN2, JBPM3 and XPDL.Go_back


During the Development phase, BonitaSoft offers an advanced customization of applications through the use of pre-built validation rules, pagination, dynamic field filling and field dependencies, easy BPM application customization of templates and logos.

BonitaSoft applications are generated by Bonita Studio -the software that meets W3C requirements using standard html, css and javascript.

BonitaSoft for Business Process Management enables the use of a large variety of connectors apart from the 100 proprietary software and open source such as Microsoft exchange, Sap, Talend or those derived from contributions of the BonitaSoft community. It further offers guided management for developing and testing new connectors and the configuration of re-usable connectors. Advanced process management is offered in multiple forms like java objects, XML or documents attached to an editor for data management.

Thanks to its intuitive interface it is possible to set-up different application environments in one click such as tests, pre-productions, time optimization, development and execution. It is further possible to generate Standalone BPM fully operational process-based applications.


Thanks to the innovative interface - the "inbox" user experience BonitaSoft offers:

  • Managing your tasks easily and quickly and organizing your work in labels and cases
  • Multi-lingual support (English, French, Spanish in default)
  • Defining user dashboard rules
  • Bonita UserXP integration, quick, simple, reliable on any network (inter-intra-extranet)
  • Remote engine management via Bonita Executive Engine
  • Warnings and ongoing revisions in real time to assign tasks to a substitute when the task actor is not available or blocked
  • API availability including java-based API, EJB2, EJB3 and REST that can be easily embedded
  • Cutting down implementation and upgrading (made easy via the migration tool), using multiple location architecture and serving multiple clients simultaneously. It further correlates processes and triggers the execution of a process from another process
  • Asynchronous execution to stop the instances of various processes from blocking because of pending tasks
  • Managing human resources according to predefined roles by assigning tasks to each single user.

Administration and Monitoring

BonitaSoft for Business Process Management offers advanced software applications pertinent to management and monitoring

  • Assigning privileges to user groups: read-only, modify and update;
  • Ongoing monitoring in real time with the support of the Bonita UserXP BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) ;
  • Managing life cycles and task management for each single process: enable, disable, suspend, resume, etc.
  • Managing data records , users and groups and mapping with existing directories (LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
  • Advanced custom dashboards for business and technicians with the appropriate indicators to manage reports and statistical documents for KPI analysis to be constantly followed and monitored.

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