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Creation of an e-commerce website for Pinocchio Toys

The e-commerce Website for selling toys

Interact has created the new e-commerce site for Pinocchio Toys, using the Prestashop open source CMS.


The buyers needed to implement a website for the purpose of illustrating their activities and further a gateway between the information and the purchase phases. They also required synchronizing their in-house management with the e-commerce site.


The target of the Pinocchio Toys was to overcome, for example, commercial and customs barriers arising from restrictions imposed by airlines for transporting large-sized or heavy objects. As the largest part of their customers were foreigners or tourists, once they had returned, were obliged to let them purchase toys seen in shops directly from the e-commerce site, without any restrictions or transport problems. Furthermore, Pinocchio Toys needed to create an e-commerce site that offered content and image management that was fully independent.


For the creation of a new e-commerce website, Pinocchio Toys entrusted Interact SpA because of our twenty years of experience in the Web sector.

To create and develop the site Interact SpA, used the Prestashop open source CMS, a content management system among the most popular on the e-commerce marketplace in Europe.

The navigation bar can be seen straight away on the top showing the following main static pages:

  • About us: with an in-house photo gallery containing the images of the shop with the whole show of the toys
  • The shop: with all the information of how to reach it
  • Terms: where all the terms of delivery and payment are given
  • Contacts: where all the particulars about the shop are listed.

The home page offers a slideshow in the foreground in full screen where the images of the products offered by the shop can be seen.

Immediately following the slideshow there is a display that collects the thumbnails of the logos of the trademarks located in the shop, connected to each single list of products related to the brand

The main body comprises three columns:

  1. On the left: there are all the categories and subcategories and the latest comments entered
  2. In the centre: the products in the showcase comprising images, a brief description, prices and the button to be used for quick purchasing
  3. On the right: Two banners in light blue and pink connected respectively to "toys for boys" and "toys for girls"

There are 3 columns in the footer:

  1. " my account"
  2. "the offers"
  3. Useful "information".

A paypal means of payment and the product buyer have been integrated.

The Social Media and Multilingual area terminates the e-commerce site.

Results obtained

The e-commerce site has enabled Pinocchio Toys to be visible always with its own online shop active 24/7 and to offer their customers a commercial digital catalogue where the customs and transport barriers are no longer a restriction for the large number of tourists and foreign customers that sell their Pinocchio Toys. Thanks to the synchronization form that contents of the e-commerce site can now be handled directly by the management.

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