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Sen. Benedetto Adragna

Creation of a Website and Direct E-Mail Marketing Service for political communication

Interact SPA has created a Website for Sen. Questore Benedetto Adragna and has integrated a Direct E-mail Marketing service focused on offering an all-round solution for political communication.


The requirement of Sen. Benedetto Adragna was to create an Online channel for communicating with his citizens and share on network his experiences and his political life.

An entry form and a Direct E-mail Marketing service were further required for the purpose of keeping his readers and supporters updated.


The creation of the Website involved using the CMS Xmanager ensured full compliance with the new web 2.0 standards.

The modern appearance of the site, reveals a home page with the latest news in the front. A specific area has was created for communicating events, news, articles, interviews and Senator Adragna's agenda. An agenda showing parliamentary activities as well as a multimedia section also appear on the site.

Interact has further integrated an entry form in the newsletter with personalized spaces and forms as well as in the Direct E-mail Marketing service.

The DEM service that Senatore Adragna is offered comprises:

  1. Personalization of the template and graphic layout of the newsletter
  2. Training for managing the contents and delivery autonomously
  3. Personalized access to the account for managing the lists of contacts and reports.
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