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New internet Website of the Culture Department of Roma Capitale

Interact has realized the new website of the Culture Department of Roma Capitale. The graphics are brand new targeted to capture all those end-users who wish to have ongoing access to the event being programmed in the cultural areas of the city.


The Cultural Department needed a new portal to promote activities in the cultural and performance field to fulfill the needs of diverse types of involved spectators as well as drawing attention to the areas within the city dedicated to cultural.


The idea that the Department had in mind was to facilitate users in web surfing following multiple paths for the purpose of finding appointments akin to their cultural interests and at the same time creating interactive information by updating end-users interested in new events being programmed. The result was consequently to generate an ongoing interest and involvement in the new cultural events in the Capital.


The new Cultural Department Website was entrusted to Interact SpA as we have a long term expertise in delivering portals for the Public Administration, for example the new Chamber of Deputies portal.

Interact created the website via the CMS Xmanager a new generation Content Management System that facilitates gathering and updating information coherently and quickly and is outstanding because of its interactivity and flexibility in managing different types of multimedia content on various channels. .

This Website offers new functionalities to users because it complies to navigating standards and is well suited to modern technologies. Owing to brand new sophisticated search tools, end-users are able to navigate along a multitude of different paths to find programs that capture their tastes, according to the field of interest and areas of culture involved.

Another novelty is a detailed daily calendar for a quick consultation of events classed by dates. When you click on the day you have chosen, you can access a list of the performances taking place on that day, further offering the availability of organizing them by genre.

The new Website also provides end-users with the tools for receiving, updating and communications in real time, first of all newsletters, with their brand new graphics, much more flexible and dynamic. At the same time it is possible to download presentations and brochures with information regarding events and the locations dedicated to culture.

The portal further proposes a series of services for public use, for example requests for feasibility and sponsorship and the publication of tenders with the availability of downloading forms on paper and automatically updating via RSS feed.

Results achieved

The Website delivers ongoing enriched information in real time. It has immediately received great approval on behalf of the public, with a rating of nearly 120,000 users in a short time. This makes us believe that it may really become a major showcase for promoting culture in the Capital.

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