• InnGOV - applicazione iPhone per Pubblica Amministrazione

Research and development

In 2008, Interact, together with the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Matematica Applicata of the Università di Salerno (DIIMA) created Inn-Gov, a project for an avant-garde research involving Mobile Government scenarios whose purpose was to develop a prototype of a mobile platform to deliver Italian Central Public Administration information and services. The initiative was financed by the Campania Region coming within the 3.14 POR Campania and forming part of a general overall plan focused on strengthening competitively in local systems and the regional production chains.

From the time of its origin, Interact SpA boosted its Research and Development activities as a fundamental component of its mission by cooperating with the major Italian universities in their studies and experiments of applications inside the most advanced network environments (Web 3.0) as well as the mobile world.

Inn-Gov initiates from the analysis of the current scenario of the Public Administration mobile portals defining their best practices and critical situations.

In collaboration with dotMobi, a company promoting delivery onto the Mobile Web at a worldwide level, Interact delivered the first results of the available analyses onto Mobithinking, the space dedicated to Mobile Marketing professionals.

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