Interact SpA and Arpu+ joint offerings provide telecom operators with fast and cost-effective deployments of multimedia services over any type of mobile network, with an end-to-end platform going from content production to client applications.

ARPU+ was launched in October 2003; a rapidly emerging Orascom Telecom's subsidiary specialized in providing Value Added Services (VAS) through its combined GSM market expertise & application development capabilities. Having the heritage of both GSM & Internet worlds, ARPU+ is well positioned to be a leading regional Data Service Provider in North Africa, Middle East & South Asia with head office in Egypt and main offices in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, as well as expanding its activities in Europe with a main office in Italy & an affiliate in France. We also have a presence in North America with a setup in New Jersey, USA.

Our cooperation has contributed to major projects adding value to different MNOs like the Mobile TV platform in Mobinil, (Egypt), the Mobile Service Delivery Platform in Mobilink (Pakistan), Tunisiana (Tunisia) and Djezzy (Algeria). Also, other major projects currently include the innovative Ethnic Portal Ciao Mondo realized for Wind Italy.

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