Since 1995 Interact is an internet Company whose mission is to create new languages for the purpose of communicating and interacting via Digital media.

We are today among the Italian Companies that have the greatest in-depth experience in the field of Internet, ranging from implementing institutional, creative and innovative Web Sites using multimedia technologies and on-line videos.

We operate in the European, Mediterranean and Middle East areas offering Multi-Device semantic Web platforms, Mobiles and multi-device applications using digital networks as an integral part of the social scenario, supplying data and content to a vast, consolidated groups of users (See the Showcases)

The ongoing search for innovation and primacy, places Interact among one of the major coming actors of the Internet Network. We were the first in the world to broadcast in streaming in 1998, offering a theatre performance broadcast on-line that was awarded by the UNESCO, this initiative being a record that would have changed the history of global culture.

Web technologies, methods and culture are part of the DNA of the Web Agency of Interact who over the years gained the unrivalled expertise, authority and ability. In this way our Customers may enjoy the benefit of innovative, scalable solutions complete with multi-level information technology architectures.

Interact has treasured the vast, in-depth, collaboration with our international partners of the highest level who have contributed towards extending our reach and enhanced our Companies know-how besides offering state-of-the-art solutions and technologies.

Collaboration with our partners is going ahead and has extended its reach to several new interlocutors such as RealNetworks, Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, Viewcast , Teracue, Sorenson, Limelight and Brightcove.

Developing Web solutions is supported by Content Management platforms created by Interact. The CMS Enterprise Interact Xmanager is the tool used to develop latest generation Web sites complete with all the tools available for developing Web 2.0 solutions and for penetrating the world of Semantic Web 3.0.

The capacity of looking ahead and planning and above all the technological instruments that the Company possesses enable developing extremely complex structures rendering Clients autonomous and free from the support of technicians and technical complications, so that they may communicate freely with their clients.

Today our interest is focused on Organizations, new media, the mobile planet and digital TV all together. At the root of our model of governance there lies a group of multidisciplinary human resources and a user-centered approach that puts ethics, users and their habits in usage, customs and participation in the foreground.

Interact SpA is part of the Eurel Group with offices in Italy, Luxembourg and Egypt.

Our activities involve the following fields:

  • Web sites - the creation of innovative, communicative, institutional sites for a major Clientele as well as smaller-sized Clients with great expectations;
  • CMS Enterprise - Web Content Management solutions, Digital Asset Management (DAM) and developing platforms for managing multimedia content on Web and Mobile, based on the CMS Interact Xmanager.
  • Web Services - implementing on-line application solutions for the purpose of managing, organizing and distributing information for Organizations, Institutions and Corporates.
  • Interactive TV - organization and broadcasting audio/video contents onto digital networks (IPTV, Mobile TV, Net TV and Digital Signage);
  • Video Productions - cross-media authorial productions (video documentaries, company and institutional filming, commercials) and related services such as filming on site, A/D conversion, restoring and digitalization, DVD authoring, dubbing and Voice over, casting;
  • Professional Services - consultancies and support aimed at developing and implementing Media Portals and interactive TV projects as well as video productions.
  • Research and Development - Innovation and state-of-the art-applications for Public Administrations.
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