• Bodies and Institutions

    Interact works closely with Public Administrations proposing their own solutions to meet the growing demand for information and transparency available to citizens, thus promoting Open Gov and E-Democracy.

    E-government, in other words the widespread use at all levels of information technology, has become a fundamental concept in the process of reforming Public Administrations.

    Interact offers solutions that offers both cost-saving in processing internal information and enriching services towards citizens, so that end-users may have full access to information.

    Interact solutions for the Public Amministarzione include:

    Interact's solutions are directed towards:

    • Local Public Administrations (PAL)
    • Central Public Administrations (PAC)
    • Universities and Research
    • Public bodies of all types
    • Public Health and local health authorities
    • Public bodies (e.g. professional associations, consortia, etc.)
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