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ForumPA 2018 - Cloud Computing and GDPR

In this ForumPA 2018 edition, particularly full of stimulating new items, Interact, having the role of consulting partner of the Amazon Web Services (AWS), could not but be involved. Interact has for some years been responsible for the eCloud project whose aim it was to spread and support Amazon Web Services cloud computing mainly within Public Administrations where this typology is able to be fully made use of during strategic moments whenever involved in advancements of the country.

aCloud, as a project, offers an infinite amount of resources such as knowledge, consultancy, assistance as well as boosting the area that covers managing finances. This project was created for the purpose of filling the need for Public Institutions to facilitate their passing to cloud computing also encouraging its use. You will find that Interact with aCloud will always be open throughout all the period of ForumPa at the AWS Stand on purpose to boost adopting cloud computing. This was the occasion to make the most of the following AWS offer 100$ in credit to be spent on the Backup service dedicated to Local Administrations. In this way a solution is offered of a cost-effective, innovative, means available immediately and further where data security is guaranteed-

The aCloud staff are available to illustrate the characteristics of the Backup formula, aid you in enrolling and obtaining credits as well as answer any questions you may wish to ask.

There will further be an opportunity of gaining indepth knowledge re cloud solutions during the Breakfast Welcome of the AWS meetings. Amazon Web Services has decided to be a partner in various workshops and conferences as well as taking part in a round table dedicated to public datacenters. The fact that AWS has decided to participate in ForumPA 2018 is for the Company a means of supporting the commitment of the Italian Public Administrations in IT modernization as well as the opportunity of gaining a greater foothold over the territory.

In this ForumPA 2018 edition, particularly rich and stimulating, Interact, the consulting partner of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) provider, could not but be involved. We of Interact have, for a number of years, undertaken the aCloud project aimed at spreading and supporting Amazon Web Services cloud computing, mainly within Public Administrations where the said technology is able to be fully adopted in policies involved in the Country's advancement.

ForumPA 2018 has been hosted at the EUR Nuvola from the May 22 to 24 2018. If you wish to follow the events involving aCloud and AWS, please consult aCloud

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