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A highly professional team to cover the global media of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma events

Interact had the honour of offering the global media cover of the Rome Film Fest on show at the Auditorium Parco della Musica as well as on other sites in Rome, from the 13th to the 23rd of October, 2016.

Being film lovers, this was a great occasion for us to give birth to our professional creativity and give the Fondazione Cinema di Roma the opportunity of illustrating the Event, in this way creating memoris that transmit emotions.

A team of experts comprising journalists, operators and video assemblers will be responsible for creating contents for the Press, for Websites and for the Fondazione Cinema social channels to provide tools and means for the purpose of narrating the 11th Edition.

Interact's actions envisage video storytelling of the most popular guests followed by combining all the interviews, Press releases of the film, awards, photo calls as well as welcoming the guest stars along the red carpet.

Aimed at reviving the days where events took place, highlights covering the major moments of the days during which these events occur will be created every day, focusing on the participation of the public and fans of the Festival..

Inside the Auditorium, in an area specially provided for us, contents of the momentous times of the event will be available just in time so that they may be shared in real time by the public.

In line with the model on which the Rome Film Fest is based and defined by Piera Detassis,the President of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma as "The passion dedicated to mixing cards together with genres, blending protagonists and the elegance of research and memory…..", Interact is committed to produce contents that will immortalize events and sensations experienced, making them into an extraordinary recollections to be revived again in the future.

With the Film Festival the long tradition continues of Interact collaborating in the creation of great cultural events and national institutions, always with renewed commitment aimed at the best way of interpreting the requirements of the bodies organizing the events as well as the end-users.

Apart from this major event, Interact on commission by the Fondazione Cinema di Roma, will further follow the events of MIA Mercato Internazionale dell'Audiovisivo 2016 and the CityFest (October 2016- September 2017).

If you wish to participate with us in this exciting Festival as well as the following events, you may follow us via our social network where our work in progress and the backstage of the event will be shared with you every day.

"Photos are part of our memory over time especially when our memories start to fade as time passes".

Silvana Stremiz

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