An all-in-one streaming solution: capture, mixer and video encoder

Interact SpA has enriched its online catalogue dedicated to digital media with Rapidcast, a new hardware family designed to manage audio/video streams. The new products added to offer an all-in-one solution, enabling video capture, mixing and editing videos and video encoding in a single product.

The new Rapidcast Video Mix Encoders are perfect for those who need to produce high quality videos without having an in-depth knowledge of broadcasters. Rapidcast encoders offer the possibility of integrating applications of videoconferences or chat, such as Skype, Vidyo, Microsoft Lync, Youtube live, Wowza Media Systems or any other type of software for conferences that support standard video capture equipments.

The versatility of Rapidcast products makes it possible to create streaming platforms from any video source (analog, digital or IP); the Rapidcast encoder captures it and by exploiting the editing power of the software and vMix encoding it enables distributing audio/video streams onto any type of device.

Rapidcast encoders are compatible with the Automation System, that is a system that takes over control from the cameras and the mixers thus obviating the need for a qualified operator and a director in unattended streaming systems. In a scenario such as a conference hall, theatre or church, it analyzes the audio source arriving from the microphones and directs the PTZ cameras to focus on the speaker. Using at least two cameras, Rapid///CAST Automation is able to mix various video sources to obviate showing the movement of the cameras during live video streaming. .

Rapidcast encoder videos:

Video Mix Encoder SD - HD with video resolution up to 1080p

  • Video capture from 1/2/4/8 analog channels (composite, Svideo, Component, VGA) or digital (SDI, with sub-titles and effects, colour correction, removal of the multimedia player background to reproduce signature tunes or films

  • Local SD or full HD filing

  • Encoder FMLE/FFMPEG preinstalled, compatible with the main provider for streaming, services YOUTUBE Live or Wowza Streaming Engine as well

  • Blu Ray burner

  • Encoder FMLE/FFMPEG encoders pre-installed and compatible with the main service providers for streaming, YOUTUBE Live or Wowzas Streaming Engine as well

  • HDMI/VGA7HDSDI video outputs to show videos on TV and local large-sized screens

Flycase: It has the power of the Video Mix Encoder but offers a 19" monitor as well as a 3G/4G Router in a single case.

Video Camera Automation: This is a revolutionary system providing automated control that automatically manages the cameras connected via audio inputs arriving from the connected microphones. In addition, because of the fade effect, passing from one camera to another cannot be discerned on screen by users.

  • Each unit analyses the audio arriving from the 10 microphones to establish where the person speaking is located and directs the connected, preset robotic cameras to focus on the person there.

  • Interaction with the Video Mix Encoder to control the video mixer in order not to show the images of the camera on-line while it is moving.

  • Switching on the director via a calendar that can be scheduled for each event.

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