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Portable WiFi Video encoders for mobile streaming.

You will now find the full catalog on of the Teradek products for mobile streaming and professional encoding. Thanks to its in-depth experience in the sectors of video streaming and digital media, Interact has enriched its catalog with professional wireless products for mobile streaming.

Teradek has become one of the leading producers of our online catalog and our infrastructures designed to manage mobile video streaming, implemented and already used by a large number of our customers and partners. Today we are able to offer you our full support for selecting the best products to create an infrastructure performance at a cost effective price.

Teradek products:

Teradek Video encoder SDI / HDMI:

  • The full Teradek Cube line, the most versatile H.264 portable video encoders, are ideal for video streaming live on any CDN, with I/O HD-SDI, HDMI or composite. The video encoder tube is able to transmit video streams in WiFi towards a decoder (cube), computer or any other iOS or Android device.
  • Il Tradek Vidiu, is used to perform live video streaming directly via web without using a PC, compatible with the most popular live streaming platforms. HDMI input, managing streams in H.264 reaching 5Mbps and transporting audio/video streams via WiFi, Ethernet, 3G and 4G LTE.
  • A Beam is available to manage encoded streams over long distances reaching 2500 feet (760 meters) with 3G-SDI inputs.
  • A Clip is provided for streaming on iOS or Android mobile devices compatible with Wirecast.
  • Trax, is a 2U rack-mount to manage up to 8 Teradek video cards.

Teradek BOLT Transmittters and Receivers

The Teradek Bolt Pro line transmitters and receivers wireless zero delay, are perfect for those which require a transmitter of uncompressed audio/video streams from one point to another reaching 2000 feet (600 meters) 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, uncompressed video management 4:4:2 at 1080p60. Bolt PRO's are available both in couples as well as separately in the following 3 versions:

  • Bolt PRO 300
  • Bolt PRO 600
  • Bolt PRO 2000

Bonding and 3G-4G LTE

The Teradek Bond line is ideal for transmitting audio/video streams, where no WiFi or Ethernet connections are available, thanks to the use of 3G and 4G keys thus accumulating up to 6 networks simultaneously. The Teradek Bonds manage H.264 videos up to 1oMbps, offering SDI e HDMI inputs as well as WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.

Management Software

The Teradek Sputnik server, is designed to manage streams coming from the Teradek Bonds, captures and recompiles video packages received to then stream them to their destination.

Teradek products are fully compatible with Wowza Media Systems. For further information on Teradek products please contact us at or call the number: 06 58318301.

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