• Videorecording for Public Administrations and City Councils

Videorecording for Public Administrations and City Councils

Videos to replace minute recording on paper

Video Streaming andVideorecording now offer Public Administrations and Town Councils the possibility of cutting costs and optimizing procedures.

According to the laws currently in force, videos can now be used to replace the usual videorecordings in paper form during assembly meetings and have full legal value.

Legislative sources

  • Law no. 241/1990 on Administrative Procedures - Art. 22 of this law defines as an administrative document "all representations that are graphic, photo-and-film, electromagnetic or any other type of the contents of acts, even internal or not related to any specific procedure held by Public Administrations and involving activities of public interest, regardless of the public or legal nature of their original discipline."
  • D.Legislative Decree no.. 82/2005 of the Digital Administration Code - Art. 20 states: "Digital documents in any format stored on a digital support and transmitted onto computerized instruments, which comply with the technical regulations described in art. 7, are valid and relevant to the effects of the law, according to the provisions of the current code.

In order that videos be legally valid and be suitable for session recordings, the following are required:

  • A computerized representation has to be underwritten by the President, complete with a digital signature;
  • The recording has to be stored by the Board Secretary using the instruments required to minimize any risks that may occur due to the destruction or loss of data;
  • The audio/video recording has to be made available to the Board Members;
  • Whenever, for any reason, minutes cannot be recorded and the Governing Body does not rule to update the session, the recording will only contain a text edited by the Secretary General and underwritten by the same as well as by the President , according to the traditional criteria;
  • With regard to topics subject to secret balloting, the recording system is deactivated and the recording is edited in the paper form;
  • The session minutes that are edited in digital form do not require approval on behalf of the Governing Body.

In this way, Governing Bodies are able to cut the costs, resources and times involved in recording minutes by replacing minute recording on paper using the following methods:

  • The Live Video Streaming and Video Recording System
  • Sharing session videos
  • A System for releasing certificates with digital signatures confirming that a specific video has the same value as the assembly minutes.

For further information contact or call the number: 06 58318301.

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