interact Egypt Partnership agreement with ARPU +

interact and ARPU+ launch their partnership on Mobile VAS

Interact SpA, a company with Head Quarters in Rome and a regional office in Cairo specialized in delivering solutions for transforming, managing and distributing digital media over mobile and IP networks, and Arpu+, a leading Value Added Services Provider in North Africa & the Middle East, announce their global partnership as providers of end-to-end turnkey Mobile VAS Solutions and Platforms, including Mobile TV, Mobile Music, Multimedia Portals, 3G video services.

Interact and Arpu+ joint offering will target Telecom markets in different countries covered by the 2 companies in EMEA and APAC. Interact SpA and Arpu+ joint offerings provide telecom operators with fast and cost-effective deployments of multimedia services over any type of mobile network, with an end-to-end platform going from content production to client applications.

Arpu+ and interact have been cooperating since 2006 in the mobile operator market in Middle East and South Europe. interact SpA expertise in technology integration and service design, found an ideal complement in the Arpu+ VAS experience strongly rooted in Middle East and North Africa markets. Our cooperation has contributed to major projects adding value to different MNOs like the Mobile TV platform in Mobinil (Egypt), the Mobile Service Delivery Platform and the Mobile TV in Mobilink (Pakistan) and Djezzy (Algeria). Also, other major projects currently include the innovative Ethnic Portal Ciao Mondo realized for Wind Italy.

Following the specific competencies, Interact role will focus mainly on platform back-end, with the supply of multimedia ingestion and management systems, as well as on the design of user interface and client applications and the development of specific Mobile Internet solutions (Mobile Portals), together with the supply of the streaming technologies needed to deliver contents over the network. Arpu+'s services profile will take care of the platform adaptation and integration within the operator environment and the management of the modules that directly interact with the end-user, including local support, localized content supply, content rendering, charging and billing, handset management, supply of messaging (SMS/MMS) and IVR platforms.

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