(Ref. Stage SIWM) Web and Mobile Interfaces Developer

We are looking for newly graduated staff for a 6-monthly Stage on the Job for the purpose of developing and consolidating their professionalism to enable creating state-of-the-art multimedia interfaces for web and mobile, within application scenarios of even highly complex integration, through the innovative, advances use of all those technologies that revolve around the world of HTML5.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Degree (ICT or Communication Sciences and the like);
  • Knowledge of markup languages ​​xhtml, html5, CSS2, CSS3, Javascript;
  • Knowledge of Jquery;
  • Knowledge of php;
  • Ability to work under Linux;
  • Good knowledge of English

Knowledge of the following would be preferred:

  • Knowledge of one or more or frameworks for developing a single page web application (e.g. AngularJs, EmberJs);
  • Knowledge of major multimedia player apps (e.g. JwPlayer);
  • Knowledge of server-side and client-side apps for Facebook, Youtube, Google, Vimeo and SoundCloud;
  • Knowledge of the system of CMS Wordpress templating;
  • Knowledge of one or more PHP MVC development frameworks (e.g. Codeigniter);
  • Knowledge of Ruby and Ruby on Rails;
  • Knowledge of the main best practices of data modeling;
  • Prior documented experience as a freelancer.

The stage envisages a refund of expenses

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