(Ref. Coll TSSE-M) System Engineer in possession of an MCSE Certificate

We are looking for a System Engineer in possession of a currently valid MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert). Certificate to collaborate with us under a project contract and in possession of the following qualifications:

  • Possession of a currently valid M.C.S.A. (Microsoft Certified Solution Associate) Certificate with the intention of advancing to an M.C.S.E (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert);
  • Experience in managing systems based on a Microsoft Windows Server and customer platforms based on Microsoft Windows for at least 5 years;
  • Optimal knowledge of administration technologies involving Microsoft Active Directory domains and in particular with reference to:
    a. Monitoring and troubleshooting of Active Directory systems based on Windows Server 2008;
    b. Group Policy design and implementation, including adm/admx templates and relative monitoring activities of their application both in Microsoft Windows Server environments and in Windows XP, Vista and Seven;
  • Optimal knowledge of the (Group Policy Object) and Power Shell;
  • Microsoft domain management in environments that are technologically heterogeneous;
  • Experience in administrating and distributing software and safety patches via Microsoft SCCM 2007 and in the use of the OSD subsystem;
  • Experience in administrating print systems and file servers in Microsoft technology.

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