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Interact allows you to create your own blog site for personal and business communication, a major tool for entertainers, journalists, politicians, professionals, writers and all those who are involved in communicating to others their own thoughts and reflections on specific themes.

The blog site is available in Cloud Computing, with significant cost saving. TEST THE BLOG SITE NOW

Via a Blog Site , you can constantly inform your customers, partners, employees, suppliers and users about your business or offer topics involving news, gossip, curiosities or issues.

A blog site offers the opportunity to express opinions and ideas through the means of building customer loyalty, sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas. Blogs are useful to enrich personal or business communication, enhance your image by creating an ongoing link with the network whose target it is to build your own network of users.

A blog site increases your popularity and makes the Company Brand visible to the public eye. Broadcasting high quality articles, content, opinions, reviews, news and polls builds involvement and interaction with network users. Blogs are favored by search engines and their contents are read frequently to ensure punctual delivery of news, and which would be more likely, reached by potential new users.

Personal / Business Blog Site Benefits

  • Customizable Graphics -offers vast personalizing availability of the site to interpret communication guidelines.
  • Rich information - the blog site delivers a comprehensive package of information to your followers through text, content, video, images and PDF.
  • Multimedia Gallery - the multimedia section gives users a more engaging experience enriched by the insertion of images and video.
  • Newsletter Service - the website provides the form for newsletter subscription to keep your audience constantly updated.
  • Collaboration tools - you can leave comments on news.
  • Sharing on Social Network - the site allows you to share content on social networks and directly access personal profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.
  • Broadcasting and editorial services - a team of editors is available to provide editorial services and ongoing broadcasting to update the Web Site and profiles on social networks.
  • SEO and Online Promotion - consulting services for promotion and analysis of Brand Awareness on the Internet: Web Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), VEO (Video Engine Optimization), Online Reputation and Digital Identity.

Personal / Business Blogsite features

  • Home - the site allows you to select the piece of information to be located in the foreground (news, photos, videos, documents, interviews) in a personalized style of communication.
  • News in the foreground - this section presents the latest news in date order. The news can be related to a specific event providing greater site traffic and improved navigation.
  • The "Bio" section - this section is involved in presenting its business, characterized by the presence of Texts, Quotes, Photos and Videos.
  • Download Area - this is an area where you can download news, press, interviews, speeches and other media types.
  • Agenda - this section features all the scheduled appointments together with the description and media files.
  • Communication Section - this section features articles, interviews, news, events.

Personal / Business Blog Site options

  • Mobile - The blog is also available in Mobile version for Smartphone and Tablet.
  • Open Content - The site offers content syndication via RSS feeds and exportiing files JSON / XML.
  • Download documents - The personal blog site / company allows you to download the PDF.
  • Recent Comments - The module shows the latest comments on the website
  • Popular Posts -This form shows the popular post comments and e-ending views
  • Blog roll - This section deals with the presentation of your blog network.
  • Number of submission feeds -The module shows the number of people registered in the feeds to be updated automatically.
  • Tag Cloud - the "cloud" shows the most popular words on the Company/Personal blog.

For further information on personal and business blog sites, please contact sales@interact.it or call the number: 06 58318301.

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