• Enel - Luce & Gas (Light & Gas)
    The first interactive sitcom on web dedicated to the world of electric power and its domestic use, distributed onto network, both on videosharing platforms and major communities targeted at generating interest towards the subject of energy as well as promoting the new flat tariff.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having built a high quality site does not suffice because this is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs to be activated to achieve visibility on Web thus SEO is the ideal tool to boost traffic towards your site.

The fact is that over 80% of the entire web traffic is generated via search engines as they are the main instruments that users have available to access information. Consequently, it is mandatory to reach a high ranking on search engines to be placed among the first pages during searching purposes. It is statistically proved that the average end-user who uses a search engine does not go beyond the first pages thus it is vital to appear among the first places accessed after having clicked on the keywords.

Interact Web agency following an attentive Web Marketing strategy enables you to augment you interact site accesses, consequently to increase awareness of your activities to a growing number of potential clients resulting in increasing the probability that visitors accessing your site may become potential clients.

A good ranking on search engines presumes that the pages on a site are based on the subdivision between graphics and content so that they may find an even high position compared to that of a traditional HTML . Search engines, in fact, when reading the XHTML page, first find texts rather than those elements required for graphic formatting that reside on CSS files while in traditional HTML pages the two types of elements are linked by a sole file, that is : the HTML file. It is therefore of extreme importance that in creating a web site this specific sub-division should be envisaged.

The main phases of a Search Engine Optimization /SEO) campaign follow:

To obtain a high quality ranking Search Engines (Google, MSN and Yahoo) a campaign has to be planned to capture end-users interested in your products and services to become your clients.

The main phases that Interact proposes for a Search Engine Optimization campaign comprise:

  • Preliminary analysis of the site to be optimized;
  • Selecting the keywords;
  • Studying keyboard user frequency by end-users by analyzing the search engine accessing statistics;
  • Analyzing and evaluating optimization of your competitors;
  • Defining your sites specific target ;
  • Optimizing the (X)HTML coded of the existing pages and any eventual creation of new specifications;
  • Processing contents cased on selected keywords;
  • Optimizing texts from an SEO angle;
  • Analyzing and selecting adequate metatags;
  • Registering on search engines and directories
  • Exchanging or acquiring links on other sites to boost your Page Rank;
  • Periodic checking and reporting of search engine optimization;
  • Performing periodic interventions on the indexing your site to maintain or enhance your ranking on search engines.

The time required to optimize your site so that it appears correctly on the major search engines may vary week by week or even reach 1 or two months according to the time needed for the search engine to update their data bases.

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