Directory and Search Engine Submission

Search Engines are the most effective tool for boosting traffic towards your site by generating over 80% of the entire web traffic. The major Search Engines are currently Google, Yahoo and Bing.

While Google does not require real and proper registration ( being a Crawler-based search engine) the others require registration. As soon as the optimized pages have been loaded onto the server, the next step has to be followed, that is:- the search engine is advised and registers the event. Search engine submission is a complicated operation, that may have a great effect on the success of and is of major importance that it should be performed by highly qualified personnel.

Apart from search engine submission , it is manadatory to indicate the pages indexed on the directories and other types of aggregators. There are in fact a large number of directories and aggregators of news, over 300, many of which are dedicated to specific topics or subjects which may be very useful for generating traffic or for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The activities performed by Interact cover:

  • Indicating the pages of the site and registering them on the search engines;
  • Defining the Directories and aggregators involved in your Company's field of activities;
  • Registering and creating accounts:
  • Defining the pages of interest;
  • Screening and reporting the traffic generated and the ranking on the search engines.

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