• Enel - Luce & Gas (Light & Gas)
    The first interactive sitcom on web dedicated to the world of electric power and its domestic use, distributed onto network, both on videosharing platforms and major communities targeted at generating interest towards the subject of energy as well as promoting the new flat tariff.

Keyword Advertising - Pay per Click (PPC) campaign

Keyboard Advertising refers to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns that enable Companies to be tracked immediately and efficiently according to their own prospects above all when launching new products or events for promotion are involved.

Keyboard Advertising strategies are an important boost for Web Marketing as it allows you to communicate directly with a specific preselected target and to execute it just at the moment when the user is interested and receive data related to the specific topic. Users in fact who form part of a given target (on the basis of specific web searching on keywords pertaining to products or services they are interested in) may easily find your Company that will clearly and unmistakably meet your search requirements.

When Interact prepares a Web Marketing campaign, it is able to exploit Keyword Advertising product to the full by proposing targeting campaigns to Companies that are highly personalized and offer high performance. The Google Awards circuit is the Keyword Advertising tool most used in the world. Yahoo, Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter and Miva follow. Planning a promotional online campaign via the Adwords platform enables an incredible increase in visibility directing more traffic towards the site and performing advanced branding actions.

The advantages of a Pay Per Click campaign follow:

  • Target defined - specific, targeted message
    The advertising message is targeted towards potential clients;
  • Cost in proportion to the number of clicks
    During a Pay Per Click campaign, the cost does not depend on the visualization of the advertising message but on the number of click that users have performed on the reference site. the Company will only pay for the number of the users' clicks. It is thus sure that the target has been reached and that it has been pushed to achieve a specific action;
  • Fast delivery
    A Pay Per Click campaign can be developed and implemented in a short time;
  • Lead generation
    A Keyword Advertising campaign is able to generate new contacts easily precisely because it is directed towards a specific target having particular informative requirements;
  • Budgets for limited, predefined campaigns
    A Pay Per Click campaign offers a predefined budget without establishing a minimum amount;
  • Advertising Campaigns with a time limit
    Advertising Campaigns will have a start and end date and it is possible to indicate during which days to show your spots and when not;
  • Updating preselected messages and keywords in real time
    When you use the Keyword Advertising system, you can update an advertising message in real time. Preselected keywords can be changed as well in the same way according to where the message appears on the search engine;
  • Controlling and Screening your Expenses
    Detailed reports are available of the number of clicks that the advertising campaign has received so that you may be aware of the cost of the campaign at any time.

The main steps of a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign offered by Interact follow:

  • Analysis of the services/products and activities that customers wish to advertise;
  • Creation of the advertising messages most appropriate for the campaign;
  • Analysis and selection of the keywords targeting the highest degree of effectiveness;
  • Daily screening to check the effectiveness of the campaign;
  • Analysis of the site access statistics by visitors.

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