• The Interact Media Factory

The Interact Media Factory

Centralized management of all the media

  • The Interact Media Factory is the Media Hub to be used for capturing, organizing, editing, delivering and selling multimedia contents comprising videos, audios and images, exploiting all the available channels to cover all the requirements that enterprises and end-users may ask for.

    The Interact Media Factory enables you to organize and manage all types of content and connect users in a multi channel and multi device environment thus creating synergies between the various digital channels.

    The Interact Media Factory was based on the assumption that today new multimedia technologies offer diverse points of contact and aggregation to a highly fragmented public focused on information and entertainment. Consequently the need has arisen for a platform that enables you to manage a large number of various multimedia streams by cutting costs, enhancing performance as well as the available resources.

    The Interact Media Factory is a highly scalable, modular platform capable of meeting all requirements to manage or deliver content. It can easily be customized through the use of a wide range of external applications and via ad hoc configurations of implemented modules, at the same time guaranteeing availability and 24/7 operability.

    The Interact Media Factory is able to manage all input and output contents and organize their distribution and dissemination hence enhancing and enriching your audio/visual patrimony. Videos, audios and images represent an inestimable resource which, in order to be exploited to the full, require a specific informative structure capable of distributing contents in a multidimensional space.

    The solution is based on the aggregation, coordination and synchronization of the various activities being performed, aimed at ensuring a unique streaming of contents which will then be distributed in a centralized manner, automated in multichannel environment focused on meeting all the requirements of editors and users.

    For further information regarding the Interact Media Factory, please contact otherwise call: 06 58318301.

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