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Publication and Online Video Distribution

Broadcasting and Delivering Videos Online

Brightcove is one of the most widespread platforms for broadcasting and delivering professional videos online. Brightcove enables independent video publishers and major companies to upload, monetize, syndicate and personalize their videos online on Internet TV channels.

The Brightcove platform, available as Software as a service, offers an integrated solution to meet the enormous range of requirements for publishing and delivering videos that may be accessed all over the world.

Brightcove is available in three versions - Express, Pro and Enterprise - designed to meet the different requirements of the various organizations.

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Brightcove Solution Features:

uploading and encoding Uploading and Multichannel encoding

content management Content management

players and styling Total Player customization

delivery Content Delivery

mobile device Mobile Devices

html 5 HTML 5 support

live streaming Live streaming

syndacation Delivery and Syndication

youtube metadata sync Integration with YouTube

social media Social Media

monetization and advertising Monetization and Advertising

analytics and stat Analytics tools

Uploading and Multichannel encoding

Brightcove lets you upload single titles or a full video library. Brightcove Studio can be used to rapidly select files or automate the uploading process via API, FTP batch processing or Mobile App to record and upload videos directly via your iPhone.

Based on FASP Aspera technology, the loading rate is twenty times higher compared to FTP or HTTP file transfer.

Via adaptive transcoding, Brightcove accepts multimedia files in any format and encodes them to maximize quality and minimize file size. Brightcove automatically generates multiple renditions of each source file according to the default settings or your custom encoding profile.

Content management

Brightcove makes it easy for you to sort, manage and organize your entire multimedia library. With convenient features like batch editing and drag-and-drop or smart playlists Brightcove automatically organizes contents on a tag basis.

You can label your content with standard descriptive fields or create custom metadata for your unique metadata or control geographic access and schedules to define when videos can be viewed.

Quick publish lets you save time enabling you to upload and publish a single video clip onto a web site or blog easily.

You can use API for accessing and updating your activities and Brightcove metadata to integrate popular CMS services such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and Ektron like Digital Asset Management (DAM). Brightcove offers contents for CMS via MRSS and JSON feed.
Multiple accounts let you manage users, media and settings with flexibility. You can set up separate accounts; user generated content campaigns, share internal information or separate brands, subsidiaries and business units. The Media Sharing module enables account owners to immediately share single videos or entire categories of contents across multiple accounts but keeping separate analytics, advertising options and reader settings for individual accounts.

Total Player Customization

Brightcove offers the fastest most powerful video players on the web through a vast library comprising 15 different templates for each player. The standard features of the players include full screen playback, e-mail sharing, link, sharing, embed code, automatic playback and localized player controls in 6 default languages with the availability of adding other languages when required.

It is possible to change the your reader appearance, upload backgrounds and logos and choose among a variety of themes to match your brand or design using WYSIWIG TOOLS to personalize your colors, fonts, overlays and graphics.

Smart Players let you supply videos in Flash and HTML5 using a single embed code. Smart readers automatically detect video viewing devices and deliver the appropriate format for each environment, configure and personalize social sharing functions for any player or video, encourage visitors to share videos on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

It is possible to build personalized templates with the XML-based (BEML) Language to re-size, change the layout or add elements to your players such as ad spaces, images, labels and logos. Integrating plug-ins with third party players via the PluginActionScript SDK enables introducing player ratings, comments, widgets, chat windows and more.

Players are able to view file captioning in the DFXP format ensuring maximum accessibility.

Content delivery

Brightcove offers a secure delivery of video contents for all devices and standards across the web, mobiles and connected TV's.

Brightcove creates at least 6 different renditions for each video uploaded, automatically detects user bandwidths and dynamically switches to midstream delivery to ensure a smooth playback with the highest quality possible.

With Brightcove's Advanced Live Streaming you can broadcast professional quality live events with multi-bitrate delivery and DVR "rewind" as well as "Jump to Live" features. On demand streams are available immediately after the broadcast ends.

The Universal Delivery Service offers multi-bitrate streaming via the Adobe Flash Media Server, Akamai HD, Apple HTTP streaming or progressive downloading to ensure the best possible viewing experience for any device.

Brightcove uses RTMPE encryption and SWF verification to ensure that videos may only be played back by authorized players and discover exactly where and when contents are viewed to comply with the constraints and content licenses.

The interface lets you restrict access according to date, domain, geography, player or IP address. For an even greater control you can restrict access to an interval of IP addresses and ensure that contents are accessible only within approved networks. The solution covers CDN services to offer high performance local caching and delivery metadata, and video contents to players. Brightcove relies on major international CDNs to provide optimal video quality.

If you already have a partnership with a CDN, you can automatically synchronize the multimedia library with your own CDN account.

If you already have a large multimedia library, that you can directly manage on a third party CDN or on an internal delivery infrastructure, Brightcove can configure your account to reference remote assets. Brightcove offers metadata management, player customization, advertising management and content monitoring.

Mobile Devices

Brightcove lets you deliver video contents onto mobile devices via mobile-ready video encoding, intelligent device detection and mobile web player templates.

Smart Players enable the distribution of video contents in both Flash and HTML5 without creating and managing separate players for each environment and no additional code on your website is required. Using a single embed code, Smart Readers automatically detect the video viewing devices and provide the appropriate format for the environment involved. Brightcove lets you upload a video only once and delivers it on both desktop browsers and IOS devices.

The Brightcove App SDK for IOS facilitates the use of API to deliver videos and playlists for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, apart from supporting Android and Flash Player 10.1 devices.

HTML 5 supports

Via the HTML 5 support Brightcove allows you to easily reach IOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Smart Players automatically deliver the right standard, automatically detect the video viewing devices and provide the appropriate format for the environment involved.

Unlike other HTM L 5 solutions, Analytics Brightcove covers both Flash and HTML5 play-backs, to deliver a comprehensive in-depth analysis of public behavior. Geographic reports track global trends and hot spots. Brightcove lets you check how the same content is viewed in various locations on your site and offers a detailed report of the traffic to see what keywords and links are guiding visitors to your site.

You can monetize videos on each device. Brightcove utilizes advanced advertising solutions, LiveRail, ScanScout and Videoplaza to deliver compatible contextual advertising into your own video streams.

Live Streaming

Brightcove enables delivering high quality live broadcasts to any device or browser.

Via multi-bitrate streaming Brightcove accepts multiple streams at different quality levels and offers the rendition that is best for the bandwidth available to each viewer, processor use and player size. Via Live DVR, viewers can pause, rewind, and replay the live streaming video throughout the event. The "Jump to Live" function enables resuming live videos without causing problems. Live videos are managed in exactly the same way as video on-demand contents. Using the same Web-based intuitive tools it is easy to organize live and on-demand resources into playlists and preferences. You may also combine live and on-demand contents in the same playlists.

Brightcove enables monetizing live events with advanced advertising. You can insert pre, mid and post-roll advertising via the cue-point editor to schedule specific ad insertions or view ads automatically. Overlays and bumpers are easy to insert.

Distribution and Syndication

Brightcove helps you drive site traffic and expand your audience via advanced search, sharing multimedia files on social networks, SEO indexing and syndication capabilities.

You can extend your reach to the public by automatically synchronizing selected media and related video metadata in your Brightcove account with your own YouTube channel. Using YouTube Sync you can create rules to automatically push video assets on YouTube and synchronization with pre-defined YouTube categories. Whenever videos are added or updated that match the criteria, Brightcove automatically pushes the asset according to its own rules.

Brightcove enables you to share your videos on Facebook, Twitter and other popular Social Media., configure social sharing functions for any player or video and embed players on their blogs, profile pages and personal web sites. Facebook supports Brightcove playbacks in news streams.

Via automated syndication based on Feed and API calls, Brightcove simplifies sharing with other partners so as to directly integrate videos and metadata in their websites, build MRSS feed to render contents accessible to external sites and applications.

YouTube integration

Brightcove has created Push/Delete rules to automatically push video assets that match the specific criteria on YouTube. Whenever videos that match the criteria are added or updated, Brightcove automatically pushes the asset on YouTube according to its own rules. The same rules may be used to automatically delete video assets from YouTube updating the metadata within Brightcove and select pre-defined categories on YouTube incorporating these categories into their own rules.

Whenever metadata are added, updated or deleted such as titles, descriptions or tags in the Brightcove media library, the updating is automatically synchronized with the equivalent metadata for assets on YouTube.

Social Media

Brightcove lets you easily extend your audience via sharing social media platforms such as Facebook, WordPress, LiveJournal, etc.

You can encourage viewers to spread video contents by using sharing buttons directly through your player. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Livejournal and e-mail sharing are natively supported and you can add personalized controls for other social sharing platforms via BEML extensions.

Facebook has inserted the Brightcove player onto the White List, thus enabling playback in context with status updating and shared links.

Audience participation during live broadcasts is further encouraged via social and chat interactions. A new social dimension can be added to contents with comments, ratings and recommendations.

When a link is too long, Brightcove permits the use of an automatic link shortener that facilities sharing videos on social networks such as Twitter via the address shortened.

Monetizing and Advertising

Brightcove helps you to extend your audience and monetize videos via a comprehensive set of advertising functions using intuitive tools for inserting ads of different kinds. Companies may increase conversion and drive engagement using tools that cause call to action.

Brightcove makes it easy to insert advertisements into video contents. Brightcove supports all IAB Standard formats and houses pre, mid and post-roll ads that easily define the insertion points. For more personalized implementations, Brightcove Advertising SDK and Ad Policy SDK offer a more fine-grained control.

The emerging standards VAST and VPAID give advertisers and publishers a uniform method of creating, managing and tracking campaigns. Ad publishing technologies work universally both in Flash and HTML 5 video environments. Brightcove supports VAST 1.0, VAST 2.0 and VPAID and actively contributes towards the development of these standards. It is however possible to use SWFs to view advertising formats in your players.

Brightcove enables you to monetize your contents via integrations for advertising networks such as Trevor Media, Scan Scout and BrightRoll. Brightcove supports integration with advertising delivery solutions, via the use of the advertising platform, AdTech, Atlas AdManager, Doubleclick DART For Publishers (DFP), DART For Enterprise, OAS by 24/7 RealMedia, Yahoo APT (YVAP) and OpenX, the leading open source ad server technology. Otherwise you can integrate with any ad network with via the API AD Translator.

Brightcove enables entering a call to action in players for the Video e-commerce sites. Brightcove offers a number of tools to change users into buyers, including tools for defining a player call to action and an editor to set-up offers and actions at any point of the video.

Brightcove's tools for analytics offer major information to optimize and support advertising and merchandising strategies. Reports pertinent to commitment and attention indicate how long your audiences observe and define drop-off points.

Analytics Tools

An in-depth analysis helps you take better decisions and results based on all-round actions using built-in analytics and reports. Tracking audience behavior improves contents and finds interesting details.

Brightcove offers detailed statistics on audience metrics comprising single viewers, new viewers and the geographic viewer distribution. It further shows pertinent data about user bandwidth, operating systems and browsers.

Engagement analysis enables finding the best contents and cover mean times, drop-off rates as well as audience involvement as related to your entire multimedia library. Reports summarize video engagement metrics and even social sharing behavior.

Brightcove offers the availability of detecting how your audience finds video contents thus delivering important information involving reference domains, search items and the most popular keywords.

These tools enable comparing how the same contents are viewed in different locations on your site: on the home page, on your app mobile reader, on the library video reader aimed at enhancing player options and locations on the basis of real feedbacks. Reports offer views per player and further details such as each player's drill-down.

Unlike the solutions of other HTML5s, the tools of Brightcove Analytics support both Flash and HTML5 offering a complete, in-depth view of audience behavior. Geographical reports follow global trends and hot-spots. Data pertinent to commitment and attention summarize mean times and drop-off rates.

Brightcove Web Analytics SDK directly integrates with the main modules of Web analytics such as Google Analytics and Omniture to consolidate your audience data.

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