Implementation of an Institutional Video for the National Council of Notaries

Interact has implemented a presentation video of the National Council of Notaries.

The concept of the video production is to give an account of the public function of notaries - their outstanding features - through the experiences of the women notaries located in different areas of Italy and coming from different age groups.


The National Council of Notaries needed to produce a video having a twofold target: participation of women within the Notorial framework (traditionally associated to men) and through the use of a newer and fresher type of image, describe Notorial functions in an Italian law-making environment.

Three women notaries participated in appearing in this video, each of which had a topic they were associated with.

These were the topics proposed in the video:

  1. The public function of a Notary: prevention of controversy, control of legality, security of family estates;
  2. The Notorial function as the interpreter of society needs: Proposals involving Cohabitation Agreements. Biological Wills. The Notorial Institution is rooted in the territory: the first consultation of this public function is free of charge and offers free consultation for citizens in collaboration with over 100 local bodies;
  3. Notaries are in the vanguard on the technological front: paperless, digital, innovation.
  4. Anti- money laundering: the control of legality performed by Notaries guarantees 91% of the SOS in Italy;
  5. The Notorial Institution is a system that works, for these reasons countries such as China and the USA regard our system with interest.
  6. The Notorial Institution and Public Acts enable us to retrace our history and that of our forefathers with certainty: Exhibition of Wills.


Interact, to produce the video, has envisaged audio/video production and post-production activities. The final product entails the delivery of a 140" film.

Filming the protagonists was performed in various locations according to the topics involved, adapting different styles of sets based on the individuals: American three-quarter shots/ medium shots/close-ups.

Certain graphic elements have been introduced and passages between the different shots and the single interventions have been made to render the video more dynamic and fresher.

Production steps:


  1. Customer requirements (selection of testimonials, texts and final topics, logo/logos)
  2. Inspections
  3. Production plan
  4. Defining the schedule (topics, players, texts, locations)
  5. Formal approval of the schedule before filming.


  1. Full day filming (10h)
  2. Creating personalized graphic elements to be integrated into the video.


  1. Audio/video assembly with licensed music and personalized graphic elements;
  2. Export and control of edited material;
  3. Delivery in a file format agreed upon by the purchaser on a physical storage as requested by the customer and a public ftp (wetransfer, etc.)


The video produced in various digital formats was shared on web channels such as YouTube as well as during Assemblies and events organized by the National Council of Notaries.

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