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Ottaviani Chocolate Shop

The Ottaviani hand-made Chocolate Shop

Interact broadcasted the new Ottaviani srl Website proposing a hand-made Chocolate Shop.


The Ottaviani srl Chocolate Shop needed to empower its online communication by reorganizing and presenting its hand-made Chocolate Shop activities.


The idea was to present the various confectionary products of a chocolate shop in a 'sweeter', more attractive guise at the same time offering a user-friendly navigation and a user experience that expressed the best of the Ottaviani product brand.


Interact created the website both on the basis of the requirements of the customer and the type of the site itself. The online marketing catalogue presents a full page slideshow that highlights the various chocolate shop products and via the images expresses the excellence and quality of the product.

The navigation bar simply shows one page for contacts and another for the products, divided into 4 large-sized categories.

Choosing a simple layout and architecture of the information was fully in line with the requirements of the purchaser so that it was possible to focus on the all round importance of the product which, on the site, took up the predominant space. The enhanced communication appeal of the graphics was most appropriate for the subject involved as well as the Company philosophy.

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