Eurel Group

The Eurel Group comprises three Companies highly specialised in the field of computerizing Parliamentary Assemblies:

  • EurelInternational S.A., seated in Luxembourg, creates information systems as a support to Parliamentary and Council Assembly works in an international environment;
  • Eurel Informatica S.p.A operating since 1986, involved in managing and developing systems directed towards automation and computerization of law-making Assemblies;
  • interact S.p.A., specialized in planning systems and services for Public Administration communication.

The Eurel Group offers solutions in the sector of electronic voting and sound systems, videorecording, organising daily agendas and broadcasting them over local Intranet or public networks.

Thanks to the background and expertise gained over years of supplying services and solutions specifically for Public Administrations from the time that interact was founded, our growth and evolution was based on the support offered by the Eurel Group.

In close collaboration with Eurel Informatica S.p.A, interact developed the Videoassembly solution, recording and broadcasting Council Sessions live and on demand on Intranet and Internet networks, integrating video contents with information related to the speakers, the subjects discussed and the progress of the debates.

Videoassembly further reproduces complete sessions and texts of interest may be selected by searching for them in video archives based on the session date, speaker or subject.

The European Parliament, the Italian Chamber of Deputies, the Senate of the Italian Republic, the Regions, Provinces and Municipalities of Italy are all among the major clients of the Eurel Group

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