Vivida Web - OverBrowser

VividaWeb was founded in 2011 as a start-up in the Lazio region, focused on developing an app whose purpose was to update and enhance internet user experience.

When the three founders with their over 20 years of experience in the IT industry started to analyze the new technologies and VAS services available on Websites, they were able to create an app to optimize current technologies, enhance user experience and expand tools and channels that enterprises and users are able to use to promote their own services instead of offering a greater amount of information compared to what is available on the Website.

VividaWeb then created OverBrowser, a software platform for mobile devices exploiting its ability of being actually "over the browser," consequently beyond browser navigation thus enabling users to access content and information so as not to penalize users who are busy navigating and without overloading the Website.

The OverBrowser is a fully customizable application, compatible with all mobile devices (apple, android) and allows users to manage any type of content (images, videos, marketplace, texts, websites, etc.).

Customers, users, employees, visitors and fans are able to use and customize the panel dynamically to receive news, announcements, discounts, promotions, loyalty cards, video streaming and advertising applications without having to modify their reference sites.

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