Quintetto is a software company with activities ranging from technical consultancy to software development and system integration, operating in Italy and in the international market.

Quintetto offering is based on a robust, secure and reliable platform, that controls and automates the processes of web content acquisition, management and distribution.

On top of its platform, Quintetto has been developing several solutions that implement business services in a variety of application areas - information and knowledge management, portal development, process automation, digital signage networks - and interface any client device: personal computers, palm devices, cellular phones, TVs, digital displays.
Interact SpA and Quintetto srl jointly offer the Digital Signage Platform Picture Show. Based on Quintetto Multimedia Broadcaster, Picture Show is an outdoor interactive television which delivers targeted messages via Internet network on attractive multimedia screens and kiosks located at key points throughout the territory. Picture Show is a user-friendly service designed for any type of public or private organization that aspires to promote its products and services and interact with citizens and customers.

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