• Interact has become the official partner of the Amazon Web Services
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Interact has become the official partner of the Amazon Web Services

To support its own clients in implementing cloud-based solutions.

Interact SpA has become the official partners of the Amazon Web Services (AWS), a pioneer company in supplying Cloud Computing solutions.

Interact has for years offered Cloud-based services on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure and has decided to adhere to the AWS Consulting Partner program to support its clients in managing cloud computing services, thus achieving great cost cutting as well as enhanced IT infrastructure performance.

In Italy Cloud Computing has taken roots and growing steadily in the sector. It is at last a reality, offering all the key benefits coming from the use of elastic, scalable infrastructures.

Sandro Costa, the CEO of Interact, declared "Today no further barriers exist for those people who wish to access services and applications that the web is able to offer. Although Cloud Computing was only a concept before, it is now a reality that enables companies to organize their IT resources and develop their own tailor-made services and solutions. Our collaboration with the Amazon Web Services was primarily born for the purpose of offering services and solutions created ad hoc to meet the requirements of our clients.

Interact offers Cloud Computing solutions to Public Administrations, Corporates and PMI in various environments such as System Integration, Web development, Application Delivery, Mobile Internet, Content Management Systems, Rich Internet applications, Business Process Management, business continuity / disaster recovery and Digital Video delivery.

Consult the Interact chart on the Directory Amazon Web Services.

About Interact

Interact founded in 1995 is an internet Company whose mission is to create new languages for the purpose of communicating and interacting via Digital media.

Interact is today among the Italian Companies having the greatest in-depth experience in the field of Internet, ranging from implementing institutional, creative and innovative Web sites using cutting edge multimedia technologies and interactive applications.

About Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has, since 2006, been supplying enterprises of all sizes with Cloud Computing solutions.

Amazon Web Services offers access to a series of services such as processing power (compute) and filing, located on an IT platform that is highly flexible and adaptable to all types of business requirements and offering the availability of selecting the model in which to develop or program your activities according to your technological requirements.

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