The New Helix Media Delivery Platform

RealNetworks announces NEW Helix Media Delivery Platform

As the local reseller for RealNetworks, interact Egypt announces the new Helix Media Delivery Platform which includes all the tools needed to rapidly build and deploy mobile TV services to subscribers, from media encoding and asset authentication through to accounting and playback.

Helix Media Delivery Platform is the cross-platform, multi-format video delivery infrastructure of choice of more than 100 mobile operators worldwide thanks to its reliability, scalability and manageability.

New Features Include:

  • iPhone HTTP Streaming - Stream video to the growing iPhone audience. Helix Server supports HTTP streaming and HTTP streaming with adaptive bit rate to the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Live Rate Adaptation (LRA) - Improves overall end-user QoS by automatically delivering the highest bit-rate stream supported by the network at any given time. Seamlessly manages network fluctuations, such as signal strength, bearer handover and network congestion.
  • Ad Enablement - Monetize video with enhanced ad capabilities. Insert advertisements as pre-roll, post-roll or interstitial clips. Ads are dynamically updatable, live or on-demand.
  • Server-Side Play List (SSPL) - Increase end-user engagement with mobile video content by combining live and on-demand video assets in compelling and interactive ways in a single session. Playlists are dynamically updateable and may be created by content providers, mobile operators or customized by subscribers.
  • Flash Progressive Download - Deliver Flash Video (.flv) and Flash animation (.swf) from Helix Server using HTTP progressive download.

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For more about the Helix Media Delivery Platform or to request a quote, you can contact us as the local reseller of RealNetworks:

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