The new Interact

Interact SpA, now a joint-venture Company, has a brand-new logo, a different style for a renewed corporate identity.

INAREA Strategic s.r.l. (co. ltd.), together with Interact, laid emphasis on the new image of interact, coming from a Company such as ours, whose values embody expertise and commitment. Such values are particularly important in the Digital World to enhance our own culture and dedication towards an active Pro-Customer support.

The logo, what you will see is, a red background and a white figure rising upwards from the bottom, recalling a symbol that each may interpret in his or her own way.

The motto, Play innovation, suggests something new, something moving ahead, a solid opening right to the core. This is what we are proposing: to get started anew with dynamism and creativity at the same time. All has been built on our daily work, which we enjoy, doing it with passion.

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